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Who Took the Super Out of Superman!

This four part serial is another of the most beloved tales in the Superman legend.  Unlike most, it was the result of a collaboration of two writers.  Cary Bates did the plotting, while Elliot S! Maggin supplied the dialogue.  Curt Swan was again pencilling, but the inker was now Bob Oksner, a top artist in his own right.

Beginning in 1970, great changes had come about for Superman and Clark.  All Kryptonite then on Earth was turned to harmless iron.  And when Galaxy Communications bought out the Daily Planet, the president of the company, Morgan Edge, transferred Clark to TV.  (He's now back with the Planet, first on a part-time basis while he continued to co-anchor the WGBS-TV 6 O'Clock News with Lana Lang, then full-time.)

Len Wein, another Superman writer, was responsible for "Mr. X," Clark's mysterious neighbor.  The puzzle was allowed to cook for some time; then, in this story, it was finally resolved.

You'll see that new characters have been added to the cast, notably Steve Lombard, ex-pro quarterback and sportscaster.

The second part of the serial contains a scene that got quite a bit of publicity, what with Clark and Lois being involved in a steamy love scene (well, as steamy as the Comics Code would allow), which laid the groundwork for their later romance and eventual marriage.

- E. Nelson Bridwell


Who Took the Super Out of Superman?
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