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  • The Dawn of Time:

    Superman travels back to the dawn of time with a large assembly of heroes to confront a being known as the Anti-Monitor.

  • 13th Century:

    Superman, along with the costumed heroes known as The Sandman and Metamorpho, journeys back to free a timelost fellow hero called the Shining Knight from Ghengis Khan. Ghengis Khan is one of the many historical aliases used by Vandal Savage, the immortal caveman.

  • 1914:

    The infant Kal-L is rocketed from the doomed world of Krypton, only to arrive on the planet Earth where he is found by an elderly couple, John and Mary Kent.

    The baby is named Clark by the couple. John and Mary Kent put the baby up for adoption. Shortly thereafter, the couple, guilt-ridden over their decision, return to the orphanage to adopt the boy.

  • 1938:

    Mary Kent dies of natural causes. John Kent dies shortly thereafter but not before Clark makes a promise to his adoptive father to always use his awesome abilities for mankind's benefit. Following John's death, Clark travels to the bustling city of Metropolis in order to use his abilities for the good of more people.

    Clark Kent makes his costumed debut as Superman, the first of many super-heroes, in June of 1938. As Clark Kent, he assumes the duties of a mild-mannered reporter for The Daily Star so that he is able to learn about situations that require his attention as they happen. The paper's editor is George Taylor.

  • 1940:

    Superman helps found the Justice Society of America, of which he is an honorary member. He abstains from the group's first meeting.

  • 1943:

    Superman discovers Kryptonite and learns that he is the last survivor of the planet Krypton.

  • 1951:

    The Justice Society of America disbands

  • 1952:

    Clark Kent forgets about his costumed identity as Superman due to a spell cast by the costumed villain known as the Wizard. In this time, he fights crime as Clark Kent through harsh editorials and undercover exposes.

  • 1953:

    Clark Kent's childhood sweetheart, Lana Lang, becomes Insect Queen.

    Clark Kent and rival reporter Lois Lane are married. Shortly thereafter, the Wizard's spell is broken and Kent reassumes the costumed identity of Superman.

    Clark Kent competes with Perry White to become the new editor of The Daily Star. Kent ultimately wins.

  • 1954:

    Superman briefly assumes the identity of Mental Man.

  • 1957:

    Superman briefly assumes the identity of Lightning Man.

    Superman joins the Club of Heroes, an international team of heroes composed of: Batman, Gaucho, The Knight & Squire, Legionary, and The Musketeer.

  • 1963:

    The Justice Society of America re-forms.

  • 1967:

    Superman rejoins his comrades in the Justice Society of America.

  • 1976:

    Kara Zor-L arrives on earth. Apparently, she is Superman's cousin, a fellow survivor of Krypton. She assumes the costumed identity of Power Girl and joins her cousin in the Justice Society of America.

  • 1984:

    Superman is corrupted by the Stream of Ruthlessness, a magical body of water, and does battle with Power Girl and the children of his allies in the Justice Society. He is later cured.

  • 1985:

    A massive crisis threatens multiple planes of existence. Superman takes a leadership role in the event.

    Longtime Superman foe Alexei Luthor is killed.

  • 1986:

    Superman travels back to the dawn of time to fight the Anti-Monitor. Later, upon returning to the present, he discovers that no one remembers him due to changes in the timeline.

    Superman lands the final blows against the Anti-Monitor and retires to another dimension with his wife Lois.

    Power Girl discovers that she is not Kryptonian at all but is, in fact the granddaughter of the wizard Arion, born in ancient Atlantis and shot forward in time. Apparently, she was given false memories by her grandfather in order to give her a secure family environment in the 20th century.

  • 1998:

    After twelve years of being trapped in another dimension with his wife Lois, Superman is finally able to crack the dimensional barrier enough to see that he will able to leave his new home dimension whenever he wants. He elects not to leave... yet.

  • 2005:

    Superman finally smashes the dimensional barrier and returns to the DCU along with his wife Lois, Superboy-Prime, and Alexander Luthor.

  • 2006:

    Superman and Lois both die.

  • 2956:

    A man named Craig King adopts the identity of Superman, using technology to simulate the original Man of Tomorrow's powers. He eventually summoned the original Superman to his era for assistance.

  • 85,271:

    When the villainous Superwoman of the reversoverse of Qward visits the headquarters of the heroic Justice Legion A on the planet Saturn, she activates a bad luck generator which causes time to fold inward on itself and results in a large number of time-anomalies, plucking Kal-L from a point in the early 1950s.

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