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"What a great idea!  Please sign me up!  Elliot S! Maggin's novels made Superman & company into genuine, three-dimensional characters--especially Lex Luthor!  As Elliot wrote 'Real or imagined, the heroes lived...'!  Thanks for keeping the Bronze Age Superman alive!"

- Troy Gibson

"I would be honored to have my name added to your contributors list, as Superman and his principles have been a driving force in my life for as long as I can remember.  Thank you for this chance to help!"

- Jeremy E. Slaybaugh

"I would be DELIGHTED to help with this project!  These are the books that I throw at people when they ask 'Why do you like Superman so much?'"

- Bill Thomas

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Project "S!"
Words by Elliot S! Maggin

Manual typing and/or OCR scanning
and/or proofreading by

Mark Bailey
Matt Butcher
Louisa Conyers
Justin Cousson
Roger Dapiran
John Ford
Barry Freiman
Troy Gibson
Richard M. King
Corey Klemow
Chad Miller
Kevin Mills
Robert Mitchell
Renu Nair
Sam Paine
Chris Parra
Patricia Roe
Codi Ross
Barbie Robinson
Tom Schneider
Nancy C. Sealy
Craig Shaw
Dan Sheppard
Jeremy E. Slaybaugh
John Stephens
Jerry Stratton
Bill Thomas
Abigail Umali

Palm Pilot e-book conversion by
Roger Dapiran

Spanish translation by
Verónica G. Yuri

Pictures by
Angel Criado
Solomon Grundy
Sam Paine
Alexandre Soare

Thank you!

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