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Written by Jeph Loeb; art by Ed McGuinness and Cam Smith; edited by Eddie Berganza; cover by Ed McGuinness

There are certain noises that when you hear them, you never forget 'em.

It's like they take you back to that place and time, just for a second.

The rooster crowing at 5:00 AM
The foal dropping from her mare.
The husk coming off the spring corn.

When my son would cry inside his crib.

One noise, not like any other, haunts me to this day.

I never thought I'd hear it again... until tonight.

One night, years ago, a sound so loud it hurt your ears came screaming across the sky and something crashed down in the north field.

It was some kind of rocket and inside... I still get a little choked up about it... inside the rocket...

Inside, there was a baby without a single scratch on him.

My life and Martha's were changed that night forever.  And it all began with that sound...

There were, of course, questions about the baby.  Something like that doesn't just fall out of the sky -- particularly in Smallville, Kansas.

Martha and I thought it might've been the Russians messing around with their space program.

But... what we learned was far more... amazing.

My son came from a doomed planet called "KRYPTON" -- in some faraway spot in the universe.

As near as we could piece together, this... Krypton... wasn't the homiest of places.

"Different," as some folks would say.

But, as we adopted Clark, in turn, he adopted not just us... but the whole planet Earth.

With all our dents, and scratches, and imperfections, I don't think I'm bragging when I say he became the most human of us all.

Kryptonopolis.  The city where you were born.

One of the many marvels of the planet Krypton.

Ours was a good life, Kal-El, made all the richer by having a child.

Your mother was Lara Lor-Van.

Lara was at the top of her class in the Astronaut Program when I met her.

Her dream was to fly among the stars... All our dreams... would soon be lost.

I hope someday you will understand what I did, Kal-El, and why...

...How, just as your mother and I wanted only for your safety, I decided that it was best that you not long for the past and look only towards the future.

Thus, all you have known before today were false memories, given to you to forget Krypton and embrace Earth.

By now, you've found a better life there, and while you can never come back to Krypton, you will know your true heritage...

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