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About INFESTATION, by Marv Wolfman

Infestation is a sweeping space saga and love story.  It's the first time I've ever written Superman the way I've always thought I'd like to write him.

In the past I've always written the character, whether in comics or animation, the way the editor wanted the book to go.  This time, Superman editor Eddie Berganza just asked me to write a big cosmic story, and that's what I've always wanted to do.

It's a character story about Superman, Lois and an alien being whose entire solar system has been wiped out by the most terrible threat Superman has ever faced, Viroxx, who is in many ways a sentient virus.  Viroxx swoops into solar systems and needs to infect worlds.  Most planets are absorbed into Viroxx, adding to its strength.  However, here and there it finds certain individuals who are turned into warriors.  The love story is about the alien who watched his planet and wife die, and what becomes of them, and between Superman and Lois - because of what becomes of her.

The story is easily the largest Superman story I've ever done and the one of which I'm most proud.  I wrote it full script so everything I put into it is there.  The art is excellent and from a newcomer who I think gets better with each chapter.

page one
page two
page three
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