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1983 saw the introduction of an all-new look for Supergirl.  The new costume was originally designed by DC Comics with the upcoming Supergirl movie in mind and was intended to be useful for the movie production company.  It featured the return of Super-Girl's original 1958 red miniskirt and the introduction of yellow piping on the boots.

In 1984, Supergirl made two further refinements to her look, the first being a change in hairstyle...

And the second being the addition of a headband.
This was all done for the express purpose of having the Supergirl in the comic books be consistent in appearance to the Supergirl in the forthcoming movie.

A version of this costume was made for the film and was worn by actress Helen Slater in some test footage shot prior to the actual production of Supergirl.

Ultimately, however, the outfit never actually made it to the big screen.  The movie costume underwent extensive redesign before shooting began and the version used in the film did not have the headband or the ornate collar design.

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The World of Supergirl!

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