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Here are your comments about Samuel Hawkins' latest  Superboy tale, TOMORROW'S LESSON !

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Although I discovered your site yesterday, I read Tomorrow's Lesson today, which was tomorrow yesterday (hee..hee ???).

I really enjoyed the portrayal of the characters - similar to the way Edmond Hamilton handled them before Jim Shooter started on Adventure Comics.  I just re-read my Adventure series this year AD 247-380 after over 25 years of having them in a box.  I appreciate even more the characters in the Silver Age and seeing the stories on your site portray them this way.

All your illustrations are excellent and portray the flow of the story extremely well.

- Kevin McConnell, July 11, 2002

First of all, I loved the story.  I have an (almost) complete run of the "pre-boot" Legion, and it was great to see a new story with old friends.  But, being the pedantic Legion fan that I am, I have to point out one continuity glitch.  In chapter 4, a "still recuperating and tragically depowered Star Boy" is mentioned.  Yet, in chapter 1, Superboy is musing about taking a passenger through time for the first time!  But in Adventure Comics 283, Supes takes Lana on a trip to the 30th Century and meets a very much powered up Star Boy!  On the one hand, I'd buy that "with time travel, anything's possible."  But on the other hand, it doesn't seem logical for Superboy to take Lana on a trip to an earlier point in the 30th Century than he'd last visited.

An additional (very small) point -- there's a bit where Superboy's cape is "tattered" after Mordru's assault.  Pre-Crisis, wasn't it indestructable?  Or was Mordru's magic too much for it?

Anyway, great story.  Brought more than one smile to my face.  Thank you!!!

Feeling all E. Nelson Bridwell-y,

- jonathan miller, February 16, 2001

Hey Samuel:

I just finished the last chapter.  Oh, I could go on and on about how great it was, how it effectively took us back to a more simpler time, how it fit continuity, etc., etc.  Let me tell you what this story did: It brought back the emotion -- the heart -- of what those old stories meant to us.

Oh, sure some of today's kids might claim that they find those old Silver Age stories lame, childish, but you did them a great service.  Thanks for helping me (and many other readers) reconnect with the wonder and awe of those days of youth past.

- Ricky Cruz, October 28, 2000

Thank you for allowing me to revisit the Legion that I grew up with and that hooked me on comics.  You have captured the essence of each character as well as placing it into continuty so that it stands both as an excellant story as well as part of the larger mythos of the Legion.  This is a treat for any reader!

Long live the Legion!

- Douglas Nasluchacz, October 26, 2000

TOMORROW'S LESSON returned me to a time 40 years ago when I would take $.12 to the local news agency and buy my monthly ADVENTURE or LEGION OF SUPER HEROES comic book.  This is the Superboy/Superman I grew to enjoy, not the watered down, anybody strong and alien can beat up, version we have today.  I hope to see more stories penned from Mr. Hawkins soon.  By the way, your rendition of MARTHA'S STORY brought a tear to my eye, remembering the "original" story of Ma & Pa Kent's death and their grieving son, so powerful, yet so helpless in the face of death, you captured that very well.  Good Job!!

Would you be allowed to increase the amount of illustrations without violating copyrights?  The few drawings I saw added to my past recollection.

- Bill Grove, October 26, 2000

It's with a sad smile that I read the last of this story.  If nothing has changed since the interview, then this was Mr. Hawkins' swan song - because of a lack of time.  Ironic choice to close on.

It's a pity that DC hasn't done more with Hypertime.  S.H. could have some fun bringing more readers to the Superman titles.  You could accept that the Earth 1 & 2 merger version still exists, and that those characters are still active in trying to get their "unique" planet "saved".  Meanwhile, the lucky readers are having a ball with the stories and characterizations on this site.

Thanks again Samuel Hawkins and long live Superboy, Krypto, and the Legion of Super-Heroes!

- David Lomazoff, Earth 1,952, October 25, 2000

Never say never, David.  The final word isn't in yet, but there may be just one more Superboy story headed our way from the desk of Mr. Samuel Hawkins!

Ah, that was great!  Nice twist of plot there... using a Phantom Zone Projector to beat Mordru.  Now that's our Superboy!

The next thing on the agenda... did DC finally repent of its evil ways and restore Superman's rightful origins come issue #166 next year?  I hope so, but then again... I'm keeping my fingers crossed.


- Romarico Galvez, October 25, 2000

OK, raise your hand if you think Superboy knows where he's at - wherever that is!  Here's a kid who's just been helped a few chapters ago by a team member who got him to THINK BETTER!  Yeah, my guess: he got himself together mentally and out-planned/out-thought Mordu, B I G T I M E !  Yeah, I'm looking forward (o)  (o) to the next chapter!

- David Lomazoff, October 11, 2000

Years ago, there were strong differences of beliefs as to who was more important to the books - writers or artists.  This debate is still brought up every so often, but Sam Hawkins' word craft shows that a truly talented story teller can do the job using verbal skills just as effectively as any other true "artist" can.  The only REAL problem is how much time Mr. H may have available to tell the stories that may still reside within his imaginations.

Giving the "co-stars" more limelight is greatly appreciated, and a lot more fun in this story !

- David Lomazoff, Earth 1,952, September 30, 2000

I just started reading Samel Hawkins' stories today: first, the beginning of Superboy, and then "Tomorrow's Lesson", featuring Superboy's first mission with the Legion, against Mordru.

Mr. Hawkins has excellent characterization and story pacing.  Everything rings true for me, and I've been a classic Legion fan for years.  The 70s Legion with Superboy are the best stories I've ever read, and "Tomorrow's Lesson" fits right in.

Eight chapters just aren't enough to satisfy my appetite.  Can't wait for chapter 9.

Well done, Sam!

- Norman Wolf, September 21, 2000

OK, now THERE's some stuff to write about!

I am guessing, but I don't think you would set \S/ up for another confrontation, have him come close to doing something considered impossible like draining the big M. so that at the last minute the unexpected ace played would be "Linda Lee" to actually put Mordru down.

But I wouldn't mind if you did - especially if that could lead into the next story of her visiting him and us learning more about how he really feels about things he can't talk about with others.

In the meantime, is it truly Mordu making his own decisions that help "the kids", or is someone "whispering in his ear" ?

Also, how does Mr. Hawkins feel about the traditional Superboy & Krypto finally getting real time on stage again with Hypertime?  This being a different pair than the ones introduced by John B.  They are certainly NOT court jesters!  (And if Mr. Hawkins would be interested, I have an idea to tie pre-Crisis and post-Crisis continuity together, which would also explain Hypertime.  Ambitious little stinker ain't I ??)

- From Earth-1952, David Lomazoff, September 6, 2000

Supergirl could very well show up sometime, David, but as to whether it'll be in this particular story or not - only time will tell!

Hot Damn!  I've just read Taking Time and the first chapter of Tomorrow's Lesson and I've gotta say that Samuel Hawkins is one of the best Superman/boy writers I've e-e-ever read!  I would seriously put him on a par with Elliot S! Maggin, and this is from someone who has read Last Son of Krypton about ten times!

Keep up, I say keep up the good work, son!

- Robert Cooper, August 3, 2000

Very good opening chapter.  This beats the mutant movie anytime, as far as plotline is concerned.

Love those time travel stories, and that little homage to Isaac Asimov.  Long Live the Legion! (Mort's version that is)

- Romarico Galvez, August 3, 2000

"...evil figures...such as...the Gates..."  Love it!  A shot at Bill, and a Miracleman reference all at once! :)

Could the something nagging at Cosmic Boy's memory be the fact that Superboy is powerless against magic?  If this story takes place only about six month's after Superboy's 'coming out', Kal-El might not have discovered this weakness yet.  Could be interesting!

Looking forward to the next chapter...

Robert Cooper, August 23, 2000

As are we, Robert - and you may very well be on to something!

Dear Samuel:

Whoa!  Great premise.  I was always bothered by Saturn Girl mucking around with Superboy's memory.  I seem to recall that she gave him the command to never return to the 30th century after he found out about Ma and Pa's deaths.  True, it was for his benefit, but still -- she did it without his permission.

This story, so far, is excellent. That she placed the barriers in his mind with his voluntary consent makes so much sense.  You've also captured the young Kal-El's unease beautifully.  The details you go into about his brain and the way it functions is outstanding.

Great job and I can't wait for the next chapter!

- Ricky Cruz, August 12, 2000

I have to say, I'm enjoying this story immensely.  I've always liked the Legion's earlier period, and this story has that same magic (so far).

Okay, time for a little criticism.  In your Who's Who in Tomorrow's Lesson, you state that "Brainiac 5" is the great-great-great-great adopted grandson of the original Brainiac.  I know this was how he was described, but it is inconsistent with his chosen name, and that bugs me. Want proof of this allegation? Okay, here you go.

    Great-great-great-great grandpa=Brainiac
    Great-great-great grandpa=Brainiac 2
    Great-great grandpa=Brainiac 3
    Great grandpa=Brainiac 4
    Grandpa=Brainiac 5
    Dad=Brainiac 6
    Our Boy=Brainiac 7
All right, I know it's a minor goof, but I'd still like to see it corrected ASAP.  I mean, just because the original writers of Legion stories goofed, doesn't mean you have to.

- Chris Parra, August 13, 2000

You've got keen eyes and a sharp mind, Chris - I hope the change we've made meets with your approval!

It's great, but I hope it takes place before Mon-El came to Earth in Superboy's time.  Has Superboy gone to other planets in his own time yet?  That would also help him get used to working with the future sights.

- David Lomazoff, August 5, 2000

Excellent questions, David!  Here are the answers direct from Samuel Hawkins himself!
    "I'd place this story at about six months after Superboy's debut, for no other reason that I wanted to convey how inexperienced he is at this point.  I would say he hasn't run into Mon-El, Luthor, or much of anything else."

You know, speaking as an adult, I find myself waiting with much more anticipation for each new installment of every story you post.  Tomorrow's Lesson is no different, and Samuel Hawkins' storytelling is to be praised.

Equally seriously, I would really like to discuss the possibility of a team-up with Mr. Hawkins; I have a plotline fleshed out that I think is totally deserving of his treatment, but I must give fair warning.  It's not for the squeamish.

- William Hopkins, August 4, 2000


You can contact Mr. Hawkins via email at samhawkins [at], but he's extremely busy just now trying to finish the rest of Tomorrow's Lesson on time!

What did I think of this chapter?  TOO SHORT!!  Loved the bit about '...the mermaid comment'.  Well really, how else would you repond when told something like that?  Great work, keep it up!

- Robert Cooper, August 16, 2000

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