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Vartox was originally the energy-powered super hero of the planet Valeron.

When Valeron exploded, Vartox made his way to Earth and, due to shared experiences, became fast friends with Superman.  With Superman's help, he adopted the secret identity of Vern O'Valeron and became employed as the chief of security for WGBS.

Vartox has strong feelings for Lana Lang, who returns them in kind.

His "Hyper-energy" powers are practically limitless, so far allowing him the powers of flight, super-strength, force-fields, protection from lethal environments, intangibility, teleportation, illusion casting, telepathy, concussive beams of force and more.

Vartox is Superman's friend, colleague, and equal.  He and Superman often talk together about the issues involved with being a superhero, having a secret identity, and the romantic difficulties that can result.

First appearance: Superman #281.  Thanks to Jon Randall

entry origin: stta 1.0   

   [encyclopædia]   [all entries]  A  B  C  D  F  J  K  L  M  P  PROFESSOR  R  S  SUPER  T  U  V  W
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