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Ro-Zan, Supreme Leader of Krypton's Ruling Council, circa 1951
The leader of Krypton's ruling Council, located in the "Temple of Wisdom," that, prior to the destruction of the doomed planet, listens to—but ultimately rejects—Jor-El's warnings of impending disaster.

In 1942, Ro-Zan is described as "white bearded," but in 1948 he has become a young contemporary of Jor-El.  In 1951 he is again portrayed as an elder statesman.

Ro-Zan has appeared in the first episode of the Superman radio show, the novel The Adventures of Superman, Chapter One of the Superman movie serial, and the first episode of the Adventures of Superman television show.

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   [encyclopædia]   [all entries]  A  B  C  D  F  J  K  L  M  P  PROFESSOR  R  S  SUPER  T  U  V  W
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