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Miracle Monday
From Superman #400, Elliot S! Maggin and Klaus Janson
"Miracle Monday is a real holiday."   - Elliot S! Maggin

Superman 400 Living Legend #6 (by Elliot S! Maggin and Klaus Janson) in Superman #400 relates the story of a family celebrating Miracle Monday in 5902.  Herzog Benedix and his son Riley tell the story of the holiday:

    "Across the galaxy tonight, wherever the human race has made its home, families gather for the Miracle Monday dinner - a celebration of our freedom!

    "Let all who are hungry come and eat!  Let all who are in want come ...

    "Each of us now will put a portion of our food into the empty dish - Superman's dish, which we reserve for his return to us!

    "We celebrate today because thousands of years ago - Superman and other great leaders taught us to live as a free people!  Today we are free from crime... Free from tyranny... Free from ignorance ..."

    Young Riley Benedix continues the story of this festive day for his family - it is a story of the days when America was young - and a child who could change the course of mighty rivers came to earth to exemplify all that America had and would come to stand for!  Some of the story is accurate - some is clouded by the folds and myths of time - but like art and greatness, it is all true!

Miracle Monday dinner from Superman #400, Elliot S! Maggin & Klaus Janson

Celebrating Miracle Monday in 2857:

Miracle Monday Novel According to the Superman novel Miracle Monday, the traditional well-wishing greeting on Miracle Monday in 2857 is, "Good Miracle Monday."

The novel also describes (in chapter three) how the holiday is celebrated that year:

    For Earth humans everywhere it was a special day, the third Monday of the month: Miracle Monday.

    On Miracle Monday the spirit of humanity soared free.  This Miracle Monday, like the first Miracle Monday, came in the spring of Metropolis, and for the occasion spring weather was arranged wherever the dominion of humanity extended.  On Uranus's satellites where the natives held an annual fog-gliding rally through the planetary rings, private contributions even made it possible to position orbiting fields of gravitation for spectators in free space.  On Titan, oxygen bubbles were loosed in complicated patterns to burst into flame with the methane atmosphere and make fireworks that were visible as far as the surface of saturn.  At Nix Olympica, the eight-kilometer-high Martian volcano, underground pressures that the Olympica Resort Corporation had artificially accumulated during the preceding year were unleashed in a spectacular display of molten fury for tourists who walked around the erupting crater wearing pressurized energy shields.  At Armstrong City in the Moon's Sea of Tranquility there was a holographic reenactment of the founding of the city in the year 2019, when on the fiftieth anniversary of his giant leap for mankind the first man on the Moon returned, aged and venerable, to what was then called Tranquility Base Protectorate, carrying a state charter signed by the President of the United States.  The prices of ski lift tickets on Neptune inflated for the holiday.  Teleport routes to beaches and mountains on Earth crowded up unbelievably. Interplanetary wilderness preserves became nearly as crowded with people as Earth cities.  Aboard the slow-moving orbital ships that carried ores and fossil materials on slowly decaying loops toward the sun from the asteroids, teamsters partied until they couldn't see.  On worlds without names scattered throughout this corner of the Galaxy, where Earth's missionaries, pioneers and speculators carried their own particular quests, it was a day for friends, family, recreation and - if it brought happiness - reflection.

The First Miracle Monday:

The full tale of Miracle Monday and the events that transpired on that historic day can be found in the novel.

    Shortly before four in the afternoon on the third Monday in the month of May, the people of the city of Metropolis learned the meaning of joy - the first thing many of them saw was the red-and-blue figure of Superman drawing a line across their sky, and he became the symbol of their joy.  It felt like a miracle.

    "Happy Miracle Monday, Superman.  It's the first Miracle Monday.  It's a holiday.  People will celebrate today for hundreds, maybe thousand of years..."

Miracle Monday from Superman #400, Elliot S! Maggin and Klaus Janson

Miracle Monday appears in: Miracle Monday (the novel; 1981), Superman #400 (1984), and Superman/Batman #80 (2011)

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