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Superman of 2956

A costumed hero, clad in a costume identical to Superman's, who enjoys a brief but colorful career as a crime-fighter in the thirtieth century A.D. with the aid of scientific gadgetry - including "concealed jet units for flight" and "a concealed degravitator to make heavy things light" - that enables him to simulate, albeit somewhat imperfectly, some of Superman's mighty super-powers.  The Superman of 2956, also known as the "new Superman," is in reality Craig King, a mild-mannered telenews reporter for the Daily Solar System who assumed the role of thirtieth-century Superman at the behest of a delegation of leading scientist who provided him with his special super-power apparatus in the hope that he might be able to bring a halt to the mysterious scientific thefts that have been plaguing Metropolis.

Failing in his initial attempts to apprehend the criminals, however, the Superman of 2956 summons the real Superman to thirtieth-century Metropolis to help him, and, once the criminals have been apprehended, retires from crime-fighting, relieved that he will "never again have to imitate the man who can't be imitated - Superman!"

See Action Comics #215, April 1956

Text on this page taken from The Great Superman Book © 1978 by Michael L. Fleisher.
Superman TM & © DC Comics

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