Well, it is hard for me to say "this is the end", especially since I had originally scheduled this web site to shut down on April 30th.
However, it seems that there have been numerous changes, changes that find it hard for me to keep up with updating Superman Web Central at this time.
That, plus lack of support has warranted an early end for this popular Superman web site.
After six years of service to Superman fans all over the world, it is least for the time being.
But what a difference SWC has made within that short period of time. We were instrumental at bringing back a motion picture classic that might have otherwise been forgotten. And it is thanks to you, the fans, who kept the spirit of "Superman: The Movie" alive.
Although we were not the first site on the Internet to honor this classic film (others have preceded and followed), we hope we have done our best to please Super fans, and have only added to the legacy of the Man of Steel.
I wish to thank the many, many people who worked hard to contribute to this site...Bill Williams, Neil Bulk, BM Freiman, GandAlfDC, Jon Hoyle, Jacob, Michael Matessino...and so many others too numerous for me to remember or even mention here.
Of course, without the hundreds and hundreds of people who have surfed this site every day, SWC would not have gotten this far. We truly are on the same team, and you deserve thanks and lots of Super attention.

And Richard Washington, the Salkind historian that he is, I thank you too for sticking by me these last days.

And now, as we close this site, there is always hope on the horizon. It is our hope that this web site will return in some form, maybe as soon as November of 2002, when we begin a year-long celebration of the 25th Anniversary of "Superman: The Movie". Whether or not it will be on Geocities or another server remains to be seen, but when we do come back, I wish that whoever will be in charge of it (and I personally know the person who will, but I'm not telling) will do a good job. And there's no one I'd like better to help this person than Richard Washington, webmaster of the The Unofficial Santa Claus: The Movie Site. He is working on his own tribute site to "Superman", and I am entrusting you to help out on the resurrection of SWC, whatever form it will take.

And so, for now at least, thank you for supporting Superman Web Central...and keep looking up in the skies!!!