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Superman Story Submission Guidelines

Superman Thru the Ages!  is pleased to consider fan-fiction Superman stories intended for web publication.  Please make sure that your story adheres to our guidelines

The anti-crisis rant:

    Crisis and the events that spun off from it (including John Byrne's revamp, Lois and Clark, Superman Adventures and especially Dan Jurgens' "Death of Superman") do not exist.  If you want Superman to have died in your story, see Last Son of Krypton, chapter 25, or Jerry Siegel's "Death of Superman" story for indications as to how such an event would more likely have occurred.

    Superman has an IQ of at least 3 digits, possibly more.  He is optimistic and self-confident.  He does not need to breathe in space and does not need a space-suit or space-ship for interstellar travel.

    Superman is Superman and Clark Kent is an assumed identity - his facade.  The disguise of Clark may be vivid, important, and beloved to Superman - but Kal-El's true nature is that of the Hero.  Clark has depth and preferences and structures of belief that grow as he grows older but they are all constructs of Superman's obsession with him.  Clark is Superman's hobby and his template for humanity.

    Superman was at some point Superboy.  The child is father to the man so for Superman to be the great man beneath the glasses and the timid facade, then he has to have been such a person in his most formative years.

    Jonathan and Martha Kent are dead.  Their death marked the turning point at which Superboy became Superman.  Like every true hero of classic mythology, Superman has no parents to run to seeking advice that he shouldn't even need.  If you really want to write a story in which Kal-El or Clark needs guidance from Jon and/or Martha, you may want to consider making it a Superboy story.

    As Superman grows older, his powers, capabilities, and wisdom grow as well.  Whatever his age, he is moral righteousness - he knows what is right and he does it.

    Kal-El was born on Krypton, not on Earth.  Further, Krypton was an ideal, wonderful and advanced (in countless ways) society.  Superman honors and cherishes the memory of Krypton, not just because all things of beauty should be treasured, but because the values and strengths of Krypton's society are the foundation of Superman's character.

    Superman is not just some big guy with a lot of powers. He is a shining example of all that is worthwhile in humanity. His morals are also Super.

    He is an inspriational and aspirational role model - every true Superman story uplifts both the character and the reader.

Please send story submissions to Great Rao

Superman is TM DC Comics and © DC Comics, Joanne Siegel, and Laura Siegel Larson.  These submission guidelines include sections plagarized from the writings of Elliot S! Maggin, T.M. Maple, Mark Waid, Grant Morrison, Tom Peyer, Mark Millar, and myself—Great Rao.
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