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sample of 'kryptonian font'

"Kryptonian Font"

"Kryptonian font" for windows

"Kryptonian font" for macintosh

TTF font file

"This 'Kryptonian font' was created by Jim Sorenson. Version 1.0 finished 11/21/97. Based on the writings in the Superman: The Animated Series episode, The Last Son of Krypton (1) and Stolen Memories. To be distributed freely."

Brad Ferguson reports on usenet that "The font has characters that look something like the squiggles they use for Kryptonese in dialogue balloons. (Is there an official Kryptonese style sheet for stuff like this?) Also, there are Bluperman and Lexcorp logos, as well as symbols for the Flash, Green Lantern and Batman, who appeared on S:TAS."

To date, more people have reported that this font contains characters from the Arabic, Devanagari, Japanese, Norse, and Tibetan alphabets.  Additionally, it seems to contain characters from various "fantasy" role-playing games.

It appears that none of the characters in this font actually bear any resemblence to any of the Kryptonese characters as published in DC Comic books.

Vist the KRYPTONESE ALPHABET PAGE to see what the comic book Kryptonese looks like.

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