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Superman isn't the only one looking for a Kryptonite antidote.  Action #261 tells how Supergirl nabs a piece of Green K.  In the sort of continuity error frequent in Supergirl stories, she discovers that "friction with the air has reduced it to about the size of a marble!"  (Experts like you and me know that Green K does not burn up in the atmosphere, remember?)  She tries various chemicals on the deadly fragment to no avail; so she super-tosses it with a pair of lead tongs into some nearby woods.

That night, a cute cat Linda has named Streaky comes across the Kryptonite fragment.  Soon "he is absorbing mysterious rays from X-Kryptonite, something new under the sun, accidentally created by Linda when she had experimented with the chemicals!"  After surprising Linda with his newfound powers, Streaky soon loses them again as the X-K wears off.

In future issues Streaky repeatedly acquires his on-again/off-again powers until, eventually, they seem to stick, enabling him to join the 30th century's Legion of Super Pets.

Since not even Streaky ever figured out the source of his powers, that little piece of X-Kryptonite may still be out there, waiting to give someone super-powers.  Say, do you suppose President Reagan had come across the stuff just before Hinckley took a pop at him with his pistol?


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