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Superman's Fortress of Solitude

at the top of the world

Second Level

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floor plan of level two

The horse-shoe shaped second level of Superman's Fortress is a scientist's dream.

  • The archives computer is designed to make every piece of known information available to Superman at a touch. (Computer-linked up with super-computer) Tapes on all known planets as well as alien information banks, which can only be operated by Superman.  Seats one to seventy-five.
Archives Computer and Super-Computer
  • Super-computer - can store more information and do more exacting work than any other on our world.  It is connected to archives which include perhaps the largest crime files on Earth.
The most incredible MIRACLE IN THE WORLD!
  • The bottle-city of Kandor, once capital of Krypton, was shrunk and stolen by Brainiac before that planet's death.  Superman recovered the bottle in which Kandor was kept and placed it in his fortress for safe-keeping.  Tanks keep it supplied with an atmosphere exactly like that of Krypton.  It has artificial gravity and a miniature red sun, too.
Bottle City of Kandor
  • The alien zoo houses creatures from many distant planets and contains only those animals which thrive in captivity.  This small but unique zoo has been responsible for preventing the extinction of at least seven of the more docile species of animals on other planets.
  • Superman's lab has special equipment more advanced than anything elsewhere on Earth.  Few scientists could even guess the uses of many items kept here.
Super Lab and Phantom Zone viewer and projector
  • The Phantom Zone Viewer permits Superman to keep tabs on the Kryptonian villains who were punished by being banished to that twilight dimension.  Nearby is the projector which can send anyone into the zone or free that person.

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Superman created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster
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