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This Super comic cover was created and contributed by Jukka

"I'm a very big fan of Masters of the Universe, but since I'm also a fan of Superman, I wanted to combine the two things, that I think are symbols of all that is good and pure.  And because Superman has met He-Man in DC Comics Presents #47 in July of 1982, an imaginary comicbook-cover, like this one, wouldn't be any strange.  This is my imaginary comicbook-cover, done by DC and Dark Horse Comics, as they've done some crossovers earlier.  This cover is done with me Zombie, who has colored it beautifully.  And there is a small text to go with the cover for explanation to people to get into the essence of the cover in my website dedicated to He-Man."

Superman TM DC Comics, © DC Comics, Joanne Siegel, and Laura Siegel Larson

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