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Superman's incredible growing S!

"Jerry Siegel and I came up with the 'S' insignia - we discussed it in detail.  We said, 'Let's put something on the front of the costume.'  From the beginning we wanted to somehow use the first letter of the character's name.  We thought S was perfect.  After we came up with it, we kiddingly said, 'Well, it's the first letter of Siegel and Shuster.'

"Initially I made it like a shield, a fancy little triangle with curves at the top.  I had a heraldic crest in the back of my mind.

"Progressively, as the strip evolved, the emblem became larger and larger."

- Joe Shuster

The pre-DC Superman
The Golden Age Superman
The Golden Age Superman
Superman in 1934
Superman in 1939
Superman in 1940

The Golden Age Superman
Superman in the 1950s
Superman in 1941
Superman in 1942
Superman in 1953

Superman in the 1950s
The Silver Age Superman
The Sandman Saga
Superman in 1955
Superman in 1962
Superman in 1971

The Bronze Age Superman
ressurection look
Superman in the 1990s !
Superman in 1986
Superman in 1993
Superman in 1993

Article in Progress
Superman Relaunched in 2011
Superman in 1997
Superman in 2001
Superman in 2011


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